As The Green Grass Grows

We are SO excited that the grass is returning to the ranch! When we first found our property back in January, we fell in love with the lush hills and green pastures. Summertime here seems to zap all life and our surroundings quickly grow brown. As the temperatures begin to cool with the arrival of Fall, the moss on the boulders starts to grow and as the dew thickens in the early mornings, little blades of grass begin to sprout from the previously parched ground.

While I don’t particularly have a favorite season, I do have a favorite environment. I love being surrounded by the soft, green grass that grows in our little town. This will be our first full Winter spent here on the ranch and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Even though we’re in the middle of our remodel, I continue to get little bursts of excitement from the anticipation of having a finished home–warm fires in a cozy living room overlooking greener pastures, hot cocoa as the evenings grow cold and little day trips up the mountain to play in the snow with our dogs.

This time last year, Nihmh and Khoena were only days old. Now, they’ll be able to enjoy the coldest season to the fullest and we can’t wait to introduce them to their first snow. It doesn’t snow here at the property, but it’s not a long drive until we reach a Winter wonderland. We would love to hear what Winter looks like for our readers around the globe! What activities do you enjoy, both with and without your pup?