All About Norah

All About Norah

In honor of National Adopt A Dog Month, we’ve decided to share a little bit about each of our adopted dogs each week. Our three rescues light up our lives in different ways and we’re so thankful we chose to open our hearts and homes to them. They’re the perfect reminders that no one is perfect–but it doesn’t make you any less of an important piece to the puzzle. We’re all unique in our own individual ways; we’re all crucial pieces to this puzzle we call life.

Norah is the little alpha in our pack.
Despite being only nine pounds, this little girl has a BIG personality. If she were in a movie, she’d receive top billing, no doubt. Norah was our first adopted dog as a married couple and she is an incredibly important part of our life. All three of our other dogs yield to her direction, which we’re grateful for since Khoena towers over her at nearly sixty pounds. Norah definitely keeps the other three in check when we’re out and about, even just on the ranch. She takes her job very seriously… probably a little too seriously most of the time, but it’s something that endears us to her nonetheless.

Norah was the first dog to begin alerting to my health issues.
When Norah was little, we taught her to “sit pretty” and “wave” if she wanted something, such as a treat. This soon evolved into her “asking us” whenever her water bowl had run dry, she needed to potty outside or she wanted her daily NuVet Plus supplement. We began to realize, though, that even when all of her needs were taken care of, she would still be persistent with her waving to get my attention. After many frustrated sessions of trying to figure out what she wanted, we started putting two-and-two together and figured out that she was not asking, but instead attempting to alert me. This opened our eyes to the world of Service Dogs and essentially led us to welcoming Nihmh into our lives for this very purpose.

Norah is a fearless adventurer.
From an early age, we took Norah and her sidekick Jones on many adventures around the Los Angeles area. She absolutely loved hiking with us, especially trails with different natural obstacles such as streams with rocks and logs to cross over. Out of all of our dogs, I would say Norah is the most fearless when it comes to tackling new experiences and challenges. The memory that sticks out most in our mind is when we were hiking a trail in Malibu and came across an extremely old four foot stone wall that had been succumbing to its age. As we walked towards it, Norah decided to scale the wall, strategically placing her little feet on the various stones. With the right amount of speed, she made it to the top while Alex and I just stood there in shock. She’s definitely our little superstar.

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