All About Nihmh

All About Nihmh

Nihmh is sired by a Grand Champion in Conformation.
Nihmh’s sire has been tirelessly showing around the United States since we first met him and we’re so proud of his latest earned Grand Champion title. He is currently ranked number 9 in the nation and we know he has true greatness in his future. Nihmh definitely gets her good looks from her sire and I’m looking forward to the day when we can all reunite on the trails. If you’re interested in learning more about Nihmh’s breeder or viewing the most recent litter, please visit Changala Aussies. We cannot recommend Jamie and her dogs enough and we will only ever go to her for Mini American Shepherds in the future.

Nihmh was extremely timid when she first arrived to the ranch.
We did not adopt Nihmh until she was four months old–past the crucial 16 weeks of socialization. She had been the most shy puppy of her litter, but despite that most people would opt for the more social puppies, there was something about Nihmh that I couldn’t let go of. I felt a connection with her and wanted to earn her trust, to show her all that life has to offer and to help her find her confidence. This past weekend, we practiced bouldering on our property and I was floored at how far Nihmh has come. She no longer hesitates when I ask her to scale a daunting boulder and will even take a leap of faith into my arms down below.

Nihmh’s best friend is Khoena.
While Nihmh was the fourth dog added to our pack, our third was a Shepherd Mix we had rescued a few months prior who was only two days older than Nihmh. Although Nihmh was timid in the beginning, she and Khoena became fast friends and the two have been inseparable ever since. It’s been such a blessing to watch the friendship between these two blossom, void of any of the common female scuffles and disagreements. These two absolutely love adventuring together and we’re grateful they have each other to tucker out around our five acres. These girls definitely know how to have a good time and no one can stop them.

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  • Same with Copper! He was the shy one of the litter. All the puppies ran up to me and barked and ran around. There was one that sat quietly and when his brothers and sister were pouncing on him, pulling and biting his ears he just ran into my arms and fell asleep. I knew from that moment. He had my heart. It’s that special connection. I’m glad you shared yours! It’s also my DREAM to own an aussie from Changala aussies 😍 one day!!!! ♡