All About Nihmh

All About Nihmh

Nihmh loves the camera.
I never thought a dog could love a camera so much, but Nihmh certainly proved me wrong. All it takes is lifting the camera up (even if just to remove the SD card) for Nihmh to fly around the room in utter excitement. Since she gets plenty of time to run around outside with the other dogs, I’m not quite sure what it is about the camera that fills her heart with such joy. In recent weeks, we’ve been spending our one-on-one time with the camera… and since she’s asked to model and pose so much, I wouldn’t expect her to necessarily be a fan of the camera. Whatever the case may be, I absolutely love that my little girl enjoys her side-job just as much as I do. She’s even got the other dogs following in her paw prints!

Nihmh isn’t picky in the least.
When we first started raw, Nihmh wanted nothing to do with liver and kidney (a 10% requirement of her diet). Unfortunately for her, she didn’t have much choice but soon she would willingly take it from my hand and now she’d eat as much of it as I’d let her! Ever since then, Nihmh has been game for trying all new sorts of meats and treats, from Pork Uterus, to Green Tripe to Pet Releaf‘s CBD oil treats. I’m so thankful she’s not a picky dog (unlike Khoena who literally will lap the large liver slice out of my hand and then proceed to let it slip out of the sides of her jowls onto the floor in a complete mess).

Nihmh’s favorite thing to do is run around the ranch.
After spending most of my life raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, I am forever grateful to now be living out our lives on a gorgeous five acre ranch with all of our loved ones. It’s especially helpful due to my disabilities as I still get to enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature while we try to find answers and successful treatments for my condition. I would give anything to be able to adventure and travel in the gorgeous forests around us with Nihmh on a consistent basis, but for now it’s so heartwarming to see her get her daily exercise as she frolicks around the different pastures with her best buds. There’s so much joy in her heart and happiness in her voice that I am so thankful for.

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  • That’s so adorableeee!!! I love how Nihmh loves the camera! I mean I would hope so! She IS GORGEOUS after all! 😉 I love hearing you talk about her, growing with her. It makes me so happy. I love her! ♡