All About Nihmh

All About Nihmh

All About Nihmh is quite possibly my favorite series of the month. Each and every day, I learn more about my special girl and our bond continues to deepen. Nihmh has been one of my most challenging, yet rewarding relationships I’ve ever known. I’m grateful I get to share our journey together with you and I’d love to hear a little bit about your faithful sidekick, too!

Nihmh is a friend to all dogs.
One of my favorite qualities of Nihmh’s is her genuine friendliness with all dogs. Our other three dogs each have their own quirks, whether it’s bossiness, reactiveness out of fear or a lack of patience. So when a new dog comes around, it’s so refreshing to know I can trust Nihmh to be a good friend! Not to mention Nihmh is extremely nurturing–I often catch her grooming our other dogs’ ears and faces. She is such a sweetheart and is a true caretaker, making her perfect for Service Dog work.

Nihmh is our first dog with a chicken allergy.
During the summer, about two months after we brought Nihmh home and a month after we started the dogs on raw, we noticed Nihmh was becoming more itchy. I asked her breeder whether Nihmh’s parents had seasonal allergies to which she replied they often did. However, as time went on, her itching grew increasingly worse to the point where her hot spots became raw and I had to put a full-body pajama suit on her to protect her skin. I finally decided to test the “chicken theory” and completely removed chicken from Nihmh’s diet. By the time her itching began to subside, we were already coming into Autumn… so I figured it may have been seasonal allergies after all. Not a week after we introduced chicken back into Nihmh’s diet was she an itchy mess! I’m grateful we finally figured out what her allergy was so we could make the necessary adjustments.

Nihmh rarely barks.
Nihmh and Khoena were both four-month old puppies when Nihmh arrived to the ranch–which meant a lot of rambunctious horseplay! As with her breed, Nihmh was quite vocal in the beginning, but since we live in a valley that echos extremely clearly to our neighbors, we wanted to train Nihmh to be more quiet. Thankfully she caught on quickly and found her “inside voice,” which we really try to enforce indoors with all of our dogs. We do let her use her outside voice, but still make sure we’re considerate as to the time of day and length of time. Yet, Nihmh rarely barks, even when she’s rough housing with her buddies. After having small, yappy dogs (thanks Norah and Jones), this is a quality of Nihmh’s I greatly appreciate!

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  • My dogs tend to have weird reactions to fish so we tend to stick to lamb! ♡ I wish Copper could learn a thing or two from Nihmh! He’s such a baby 😂 if a dog barks or lunges he will ignore and just go about his business but if they run up wanting to play…he tends to run away or hide behind me. Lol and Skyla I’d our Diva. She thinks dogs are not “worthy” enough to touch her 😂 she just doesn’t like playing too much in general. I really want to meet her and you! Copper and Skyla both prefer smaller dogs and I think it’d be perfect! ♡