All About Khoena

All About Khoena

In honor of National Adopt A Dog Month, we’ve decided to share a little bit about each of our adopted dogs each week. Our three rescues light up our lives in different ways and we’re so thankful we chose to open our hearts and homes to them. They’re the perfect reminders that no one is perfect–but it doesn’t make you any less of an important piece to the puzzle. We’re all unique in our own individual ways; we’re all crucial pieces to this puzzle we call life.

Khoena was one of twelve puppies.
We discovered Khoena and her litter when they were only six weeks old. The puppies were starving, eating plastic and other inedible trash as their mother was emaciated and unable to produce enough milk to feed twelve puppies. We knew we had to something, so we got in contact with the owners of the mother and learned they were trying to rehome all of the puppies (at only six weeks old). We asked if we could take the entire litter to network into rescues and they accepted. We personally paid out of our own pocket to spay and neuter the owner’s six dogs so that there would not be any other unplanned litters. From the moment Alex scooped little Khoena into his arms, we knew we couldn’t let her go–she had already found her home.

Khoena is bonded to Alex above anything else.
Needless to say, Alex and Khoena have been tight since day one. When we only had Norah and Jones, Alex often mentioned how he wished he had a larger dog to adventure with. Norah and Jones try their little hearts out, but there’s just something different about having a bigger dog around. Alex, being the highly active guy he is, also knew he wanted a German Shepherd… something I was in strict opposition to as our family and friends had always had negative, destructive experiences. In the end, Alex got his wish in a roundabout way and his little Shepherd fusion has grown up to truly be man’s best friend.

Khoena’s favorite game to play is Hide and Seek.
Khoena got her first taste of “Search and Rescue” at Nihmh’s and her graduation from Obedience training. Ever since then, Khoena has absolutely loved playing Hide and Seek here at home and on the property. She is always the first dog to find us and her excitement for her success is clearly evident in her ever-active tail. As Khoena matures, we would explore any open opportunities for her becoming a Search and Rescue dog like her Los Angeles buddy, Akira. Not only would it give her a job she truly loves, but to be able to help others in need is of utmost importance to our family.

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  • I love Khoena’s story! I love the breed too but have also heard bad things x.x but wow to have that instant bond is so special ♡ To just know ♡ Absolutely inspiring ♡