All About Jones

All About Jones

In honor of National Adopt A Dog Month, we’ve decided to share a little bit about each of our adopted dogs each week. Our three rescues light up our lives in different ways and we’re so thankful we chose to open our hearts and homes to them. They’re the perfect reminders that no one is perfect–but it doesn’t make you any less of an important piece to the puzzle. We’re all unique in our own individual ways; we’re all crucial pieces to this puzzle we call life.

Jones’ mission in life is to remove squeakers from toys. 
Whenever we bring a new toy home, we can almost guarantee it will last less than five minutes. I think Jones’ record time for removing a squeaker from a new toy was 30 seconds. He absolutely loves finding the squeakers and will solely play with the squeaker once it’s out of the toy. He also gets a kick out of relentlessly squeaking toys he’s not so easily able to destroy. Perhaps he wishes he was a musician…or a surgeon; the world may never know.

Jones loves his snuggle time.
One of the things we cherish most about Jones is his love of “snuggles.” He will hop onto our laps, sit up and press his little head against our chests in the sweetest cuddle our household knows. He absolutely loves to be loved, so much so that he knows what “snuggles” means and will run across the room to collect. He’s the perfect cuddle bug, nap partner and all around sweetheart. Jones is probably the most affectionate dog out of our pack and he is our only boy!

Jones is only three days younger than Norah.
When we were looking into rescuing a second dog, we knew we wanted a puppy close in age to Norah, especially since it would be Alex’s first personal dog. When we found Jones, we instantly fell in love (even though he was a little aloof and spacey). We didn’t find out until after we adopted him that he was only three days younger than Norah–the perfect little companion for Norah. These two have grown up together since they were three months old and nearly four years later, they’re still attached at the hip!

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  • His mission in life is very close to Skyla’s. 😂 Jones sounds very similar to Skyla personality wise! Maybe it’s a terrier thing! I love knowing them individually and personality wise. I love falling in love with every one of your pups! ♡