All About Danie

All About Danie

I realized in my previous All About Danie posts, it was more question and answer rather than random facts like we do for All About Nihmh. If you have any questions or specific facts you would like to see featured on the blog, just send us an email to! For now, here are a few random facts about me just before I turn twenty-four!

I’ve never been to a concert.
Although my peers began attending concerts before they were even teenagers, it wasn’t something that was tangible for me to afford at a young age. As a grew older, it seemed other things took financial precedent and eventually I felt the experience wasn’t worth the cost (or at least the sort of tickets that were within my budget). Instead, I now have a husband who loves playing melodies on his guitar and I just can’t imagine any concert being better than that.

I adopted my first Mustang when I was eleven years old.
I fell in love with my first horse when I saw her as a little foal online while browsing Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue’s website in 2005. Our family was by no means in any position to afford a horse, but I convinced my wonderful, loving mother to take me and a few friends to Lifesavers’ Adoption Day where I got to meet Eternity in person. She was everything I had dreamed of and more. Before we left her, I whispered in her ear a promise to return. Although it was difficult and took much planning, I was able to keep my promise thanks to my mother’s help. It was the best decision I’d made in my entire young life and I have absolutely zero regrets–I just wish she was still with us today.

Instrumental music is by far my favorite genre.
It’s very easy for me to become overwhelmed when there is too much stimulation. Music also resonates deep within my soul, so much of it becomes attached to different points in my history, which can be difficult to relive. Instead, with instrumental music, I’ve found that it is much more forgiving and adapts to my emotions–rather than telling me how I should feel through lyrics. It’s always been more natural to me to write music than it is to write lyrics–which is probably why I’ve never finished a song! I’m so thankful to have a husband who plays such beautiful instrumental music because it is truly a gift.