All About Danie

All About Danie

It has been such a privilege getting to know so many new friends and faces over the course of Nihmh’s and my journey together. It’s humbling to know that so many of you enjoy our photos and our stories enough to loyally follow along on our adventures. Through this series, I hope you’re able to get to know the girl behind the lens, and the words you see daily, a little better each month. I would love to get to know each of you more on these topics as well, if you would like to share your experience in the comments below.

What is your favorite season?
Each year I am convinced Autumn is my favorite season… until the temperatures begin cooling even more and the earth begins changing from brown to green in part to the increased amount of morning dew. That’s when I remember my love of Winter. As I grow older, I am beginning to see that there’s something in every season I cherish, something I want to hold onto forever… but what is life without changes? After all of these years, trying so hard to figure out what my favorites are, I realize it’s completely human to not have a favorite and instead be able to enjoy the beauty in everything in the moment.

What are your plans for the holidays?
While our family does not celebrate the holidays due to our beliefs, we do have a Rover guest staying with us for the week while her family is out of town for Thanksgiving. We love this busy time of year when there are more Rover dogs running around the house. I am also looking forward to Alex’s week off at the end of the year and hoping we’ll be able to do something special, even if just for a couple of days.

Where is your favorite place to vacation this time of year?
The mountains are calling and I must go. It seems the mountains are my answer for nearly everything–but the peace and tranquility that surrounds them is soul-soothing in the best way. Alex and I also got married and honeymooned in the mountains which is another reason I love spending our vacations nestled in my favorite place. I’ve also been wanting to visit Carmel-by-the-Sea and feel it might be pleasant this time of year. I’d love to hear where you love vacationing this time of year!

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  • Danie, I truly enjoy your insightful and soothing words! For a young woman who deals with so much pain, you are very uplifting and caring to others. Please don’t stop!