Pumpkin Pawps

We’re celebrating Fall with our first recipe–Pumpkin Pawps! These delicious doggy pawpcicles are a hit in our house and we love how versatile they are to add your favorite ingredients! It’s important to only feed in moderation according to your dog’s size (as with any treat) so as not to upset their tummy. We used our favorite silicone pawprint molds for today’s Pumpkin Pawps and highly recommend them! Ingredients 1 c. Unsweetened Pumpkin Puree* 2 Ripe Bananas 1 tbsp. Chia Seeds Choice of Fruit(s) * Avoid using Pumpkin Pie blends as these mixtures are often too high in sugar and […]

Building Confidence

As a young girl, my favorite activity to do with my dog was build obstacles for him to conquer. Whether it was rearranging the furniture or using other household objects to create jumps and tunnels, it never ceased to entertain me and make me so proud of my super-dog. When we adopted Norah and Jones, my love for confidence building exercises grew into accomplishing natural obstacles on our various hiking trails. From large fallen trees, to old stone walls, our dogs knew no bounds. It was most amazing having two small dogs with little hesitation. As their confidence grew, we […]

All About Danie

It has been such a privilege getting to know so many new friends andĀ faces over the course of Nihmh’s and my journey together. It’s humbling to know that so many of you enjoy our photos and our stories enough to loyally follow along on our adventures. Through this new series, I hope you’re able to get to know the girl behind the lens, and the words you see daily, a little better each month. I would love to get to know each of you more on these topics as well, if you would like to share your experience in the […]

This Season

Since we all experience the seasons differently depending on where we live, I thought it might be fun to share a few of the things we’re looking forward to in our little neck of the woods! We live in an extremely rural part of California (with our town’s population being less than 1,000 people), so we have a lot of fun options in our agriculture-centered area. What are a few things you’re looking forward to this season? Flannels, flannels, flannels. I have always been a flannel girl, which is probably why I get so excited when the temperatures start dropping. […]

National Dog Week

Happy National Dog Week to all of our canine furiends! I am so thankful for the four dogs in our lives who have brightened our days with so much love and laughter. In honor of National Dog Week, I figured I’d write a little something about each of our dogs (in the order we adopted them) and what makes them so special to us. What are you most thankful to your dog(s) for? Norah was the first rescue I knew I wanted to keep before we even picked her up. She was the result of an irresponsible, accidental litter and […]