The Call of the Wild · Week VI

That’s a wrap! We’ve officially finished reading The Call of The Wild, the first featured book in our Book Club! While we had fun organizing this book club, it seemed like it was difficult for many of us to keep up with a weekly reading schedule. In the future, we’d love to resume the book club by reading White Fang–perhaps at a more easy going pace! We hope you’ll join us on our mission to unplug from technology more often for our next book. Also, I realized after the fact that I got ahead of myself and posted questions prepared […]

All About Danie

I realized in my previous All About Danie posts, it was more question and answer rather than random facts like we do for All About Nihmh. If you have any questions or specific facts you would like to see featured on the blog, just send us an email to! For now, here are a few random facts about me just before I turn twenty-four! I’ve never been to a concert. Although my peers began attending concerts before they were even teenagers, it wasn’t something that was tangible for me to afford at a young age. As a grew older, it […]

Over The Weekend

We had so much fun attending our first Gymkhana over the weekend to cheer on Jamie, Nihmh’s breeder! I had been to horse events in the past, but had never been to a Western Gymkhana before, so it was exciting to learn about a new sport and imagine ourselves running out there on our own horses eventually. Now that we’re officially treating my Valley Fever, we have high hopes that I’ll be able to get out there with the horses more often. I’ve been making more of an effort to spend time with my horses, especially my most recently adopted […]

Golden Nectar

We have been most excited to share with you our experience using Pet Releaf‘s Hemp Oil 1000 for our dogs’ various needs. We wanted to be sure to thoroughly give it a run on multiple occasions and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results! When we first learned about Pet Releaf, we were looking for tools to help Nihmh’s timidness during her Public Access outings. It was easy for her to become overwhelmed and we could see her almost stuck inside of her own mind. After speaking to a fellow Instagrammer who used Pet Releaf’s oil for her dog’s […]

Border Collies of Instagram

LUNA @lunawoofs New Brunswick, Canada Luna is a striking green-eyed, fiery coat Border Collie hailing from New Brunswick. She may only be a year old, but this girl loves adventuring in the woods where she has access to all the best smells, tree branches and even fresh snow. Luna is a sensitive, kind-hearted sweetheart who stole her mama’s heart with those same qualities the day they met. Her favorite pastime is playing fetch in the great wide open, especially with rope toys! When all is said and done, Luna much prefers the company of her humans over that of dogs […]